Turkish Commodity Exchange

  • December 12, 2021

Familiarity with the risk notification form

Familiarity with the risk information form is essential for all those who have shares in the Turkish stock market, and according to its name, it has been set up to inform about the risks related to business and possible losses in the Turkish stock market. In this article, we will talk about the Turkish Commodity Exchange and how to earn in the commodity.

These forms are documents that have been prepared to inform the investor about the risks associated with various instruments of the Turkish stock market. The Board of Directors of the Turkish Stock Exchange, or SPK, has also made it mandatory for investors to understand and sign risk reporting forms.

These forms are prepared and signed for those who want to invest in derivatives and warranty instruments in the form of risk warning forms related to derivatives and guarantee instruments.

Turkish Commodity Exchange


Another tool of the stock market in Turkey is the Commodity Exchange, which is less popular than securities. Domestic and foreign investors must place their orders on the stock exchange, including buying and selling orders through the online investment trading platform made by the brokerage, or by registering automatic orders based on their quantity and price.

In this regard, orders are sent by phone, fax, and other methods in absentia and some personal cases.

In this regard, for the purchase order to be transferred and realized by an investor, the sale order must be registered at least with the same price and amount. Therefore, there is a need for a combination of supply and demand, which makes it somewhat difficult to operate in the commodity exchange market. The investor determines whether the stock offering and receiving orders will be held overnight or postponed to the next few days.

Earnings in the Commodity Exchange and Turkey

In this regard, you must transfer your deposit and passive capital to an investment account and after selecting an investment tool including gold, silver, platinum, oil, wheat, coffee, textiles, and… stock market trends to receive profits And pursue financial gain, in which there is no difference between the stock markets of Turkey, Iran and the rest of the world.

Our suggestion is to have a balanced portfolio of all types of investments. This way you can minimize the existing risks with better management and earn more profit. In this regard, before choosing the tools and completing your portfolio, it is better to have a look at the stock price movement in the relevant markets and experience more growth and profitability by being careful about the company’s financial data.

In this series of articles, we tried to acquaint you with the Turkish stock market. You can read the previous articles in this series by visiting TEXTOKEN.IO.

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