Investing in the Turkish Stock Exchange

  • December 5, 2021

Today, Turkey has become one of the best immigration destinations for Iranians. Investing in the Turkish stock exchange is one of the ways to obtain residency in this Asian-European country. There are special conditions for buying stock and stocks in Turkey, most of which are the same as the conditions for buying stocks in other countries, but it is not bad to have comprehensive information about the stock market and its history along with entering this market before entering this field. Let’s get Turkey.

In this article, after reviewing the history of the stock exchange and buying stocks around the world, we have tried to point out the supplementary rules regarding the purchase of the Turkish stock exchange. If you are planning to buy a stock exchange from the Turkish stock market, it is not bad to accompany us by reading this article and getting the required information. In this article, we will explain to you all the small and large rules governing the Turkish stock market.

The trend of the Turkish stock market is growing

These days, we see news that the stock market index in Iran is growing and unlike other stocks in other countries in Tehran, this growth is positive, but this is not only happening in Iran but also in the country’s stock market indices. Turkey is also growing.

The “20-100” index of the Istanbul Stock Exchange started its trading today, Thursday, April 30, with a growth of 0.46 percent and at the level of 102,065.96 units.

In this regard, the index of the Istanbul Stock Exchange banking sector increased by 0.44% and the index of holdings increased by 0.66%

The insurance sector index with a 1.63% increase had the highest profit for investors.

On the other hand, the metals sector index decreased by 0.85% and had the largest decline among other indices.

Stock market history from Belgium to Turkey

When it comes to investing in the Turkish stock market, the first option that comes to mind is to buy securities. The stock market as an integral part of the financial markets in the world today dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries. According to various legends, the first securities for public and private debt were established on the Antwerp Stock Exchange in Belgium, dating back to 1531.

But the stock exchange was first established in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to preserve the value of money. This date dates back to 1602 AD. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange is the first commodity exchange in the modern sense to include cash and futures markets, dating back to the 19th century; That is, almost two centuries after the establishment of the first stock exchange market in the Netherlands!

The first stock exchange in Turkey was established in the rye, under the siege of the Kutya region, in the last years of 200 AD by the order of the Roman emperor Diocletian. This non-modern and completely traditional market called Aizanoi was used as a wheat market at that time and the prices were engraved on the stones of this place, but the establishment of the Istanbul Stock Exchange dates back to 1926, which is 2013 with The merger of the gold exchange and the long-term and futures exchanges continued. This market is now available in cyberspace and easily and you can be a member of it.

But what about investing in the Turkish stock market?

investing in the Turkish stock exchange

The Istanbul Stock Exchange opened in 1986, and ISE is the only Turkish securities market that provides trading facilities for stocks, bonds, private sector securities, foreign securities, and real estate certificates.

Currently, about 5,000 foreign companies are actively involved in the Turkish economic cycle, and the Turkish banking sector has made significant progress in recent years, along with economic reforms, to move the Turkish economy towards greater monetary and financial freedom, and the bank itself. Also, show significant changes in organizational structures and service quality.

With the help of the Standing Committee on Economic and Trade Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC), the executive operation was completed by July 2017, and now stockbrokers can take stock of all real estate projects, including land, shopping malls, or public spaces. Have received commercial approval to trade.

The Istanbul Stock Exchange of Turkey has increased from 40,000 units to 100,000 units from 2007 to 2017, ie during the last 10 years.

In the near future, the idea of ​​establishing an international Turkish real estate exchange will be implemented, and certificates will replace the financial sector, and buyers in many countries will be eligible to invest in Turkish real estate.

You can also obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in Turkey in the stock exchange. In this method, you must buy at least $ 500,000 worth of stock.

Derivatives traded on this stock exchange in Turkey are: Currency futures (US dollar), Currency futures (Euro), Turkish Treasury futures “TurkDEX-T-Benchmark”, ISE-30 index futures, 100 index futures -ISE, cotton futures contract, wheat futures contract, gold futures contract

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