Forecast of Iran’s inflation situation in the coming months

  • November 29, 2021

An economist said that inflation expectations have already risen and predicted that inflation will continue to rise in the coming months.

An interview with ISNA

In an interview with ISNA, Kamran Naderi said about the registration of 45.2% inflation in August this year: “The main reason for high inflation is the growth of liquidity, which was due to the government’s large withdrawals from the salary account to cover the budget deficit and the monetary base.” Has increased sharply.

He added: “Another effective factor on the upward trend of inflation is the increase in inflation expectations;” Because after a while, the optimism that was created late last year and earlier this year about the beginning of a new government in the United States faded.

The economist continued: “With the efficiency of the new government in Iran, inflation expectations increased, and on the other hand, as the ministers proposed by the main government say in their statements that the upward trend of inflation will continue in two to three years.” This has led to rising inflation expectations this year and has had an impact on the continuation of the upward trend in inflation.

Regarding the forecast of inflation in the coming months, Naderi said: “Experts’ forecasts are based on the performance and comments of officials and government officials. Therefore, the forecasts in this regard are that inflation and its upward trend will continue in the coming months.

Finally, due to the inability of the Iranian rulers to curb inflation and intensify inflation in this country due to the corona and US sanctions, the value of ‘Rials’ is always experiencing a downward trend against the dollar, and this inflation causes prices to rise more and more in this country. The Iranian stock market is no exception to this inflation and has always had significant growth in proportion to inflation over the past years. Now, due to Iran’s domestic situation and economic instability, and rising inflation, there is an exceptional opportunity for foreign investment in this market, and Tex Token provides easy access to this market for investors to be able to Use the guaranteed profit from inflation in this market.

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