Economic crises

  • October 23, 2018

Economic crises, the corona epidemic, declining reserves, rising unemployment, and hundreds of other things have all come together to turn financial markets into volatile and high-risk markets that can only be operated with a great deal of experience and knowledge. TEX’s target market is a low-risk, high-diversity, and non-correlated market with other financial markets that act as an independent market and can hedge your investment portfolio risk. 

According to the data of the last thirty years, the Iranian stock market has been a market with cross-sectional fluctuations but very high profits in the long term,  this profit becomes more attractive when you invest in this market as a foreigner. The devaluation of the rial against other fiat currencies and the relatively high inflation of Iran will result in more profit for investors who have invested with currencies other than the rial.

For example, by investing $ 10,000 in the Iranian stock market for 20 years, you would have earned $ 80,000 more than other indicators. if you consider the significant devaluation of the rial against other fiat currencies during these 20 years the profit increases much more.


Financial markets are usually highly correlated, for example, the  US market indicators:

In addition to the markets of a particular country, this correlation also exists in global markets, which can increase investment risk. For example, the corona epidemic resulted in an economic crisis, that caused a significant reduction in most economic indicators, but the Iranian markets had a very little fluctuation in this crisis in comparison with the world’s open economies due to the low level of foreign investment in it and the sanctions that isolated Iran’s economy. this non-correlative response can be used to hedge your portfolio risk by bringing a part of your capital into this different market.

Diverse industries and rich resources

Iran, Due to its rich national resources, which include the world’s largest oil and gas resources, mines of metals and minerals, pharmaceutical industry, food factories, and exports to more than 128 countries despite sanctions, more than 221,400 square kilometers of agricultural land, access to The sea in the north and south and the young and cheap educated workers, has a capital market consisting of several sectors in which more than 600 companies operate in more than fifty industries. And that in itself has made the market more than $ 190 billion. 

Invest in this unique opportunity

Investment in the Iranian stock market depends on the citizenship of this country, so the number of foreign investors in it is very small.

 By providing a token backed by a basket of shares of the most profitable and important companies in the Iranian capital market, Tex Token makes it possible to invest in this extraordinary market for you. On the other hand, the Iranian capital market, like most traditional stock markets, does not have the attractive features of cryptocurrencies, but Tex is a cryptocurrency based on a stock market. so, You can benefit from both market’s advantages. You can trade in the crypto market 24 hours a day, convert your Tex token to other cryptocurrencies, and finally, get profit more than both markets

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