Turkish capital market structure

  • December 11, 2021

What does the stock market mean?

The answer to this question is suitable for those who do not know much about the stock market but know that investing in the Turkish Stock Exchange is one of the easiest ways to obtain residency in this country. Regarding the definition of the stock market, we must say that:

  • The stock market is a generally accepted term for regular, regulated markets in which valuable securities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and commodities such as oil, gold, and coffee are traded.

Stock exchanges are platforms where investment instruments are traded by specific rules and through the adaptation of buyers and sellers and are where investors try to make a profit by changing the price of short-term and long-term trades.

Types of markets on the Istanbul Stock Exchange

There are different types of markets in the Turkish Stock Exchange, all of which fall into one of the three main categories:

Stock market

The stock market, which itself includes several subsets:

National Market ‌, Second National Market ‌, New Economy Market ‌, ETF Market, Watching List Market, Wholesale Market, Rights Coupon Market

international market

In 1997, with the acceptance of international bonds issued by the “Vice President of Treasury” for overseas trading, the “National Insights and Bonds Market” began its work, followed by the “Deposit Receipts Market”. The Istanbul International Stock Exchange started trading worldwide with the issuance of depository receipts, and now the deposit receipts of Kazakhstan’s largest bank (Kazkommertsbank) in the “International Depository Receipts Market” and European bonds (Eurobonds) issued by the Government of the Republic of Turkey are traded on the “International Bonds and Documents Market”.

All operations in this market are in US dollars and the settlement is done through Citibank and Euroclear and through the central deposit of Turkey called Takas Bank.

The bond market

The “bond and securities market” is an organized market for the trading of fixed income securities, which consists of three parts: the market of repurchase and reverse repurchase agreements, the market of one-time buying and selling, the market of real estate and real estate

Turkish Derivatives Exchange ‌

The Turkish Derivatives Exchange, established in 2002, was established in 2005 under the acronym TURKDEX. This exchange seeks to create, innovate and expand financial instruments to do risk work for investors.

Investment tools in the Turkish Stock Exchange



In stock exchanges or stock markets, there are special tools for receiving profit and profit. These tools are the goods or examples that are selected for investment and are:

  • Stock exchanges include bonds, stocks, bills, mutual funds.
  • Trade exchanges that include precious metals, agricultural products, natural resources, and…
  • Futures, futures, and options are also bought and sold based on underlying assets in futures markets.

Although there are many investment instruments in different stock exchanges, when we talk about the term stock exchange in Turkey, we mean the Istanbul Stock Exchange, which is called 100 BIST for short.

How to invest in the Turkish Stock Exchange?

The first thing you need to do to invest in the Turkish Stock Exchange is to find an intermediary and open an investment account in a bank licensed by the SPK (Turkish Stock Exchange Board).

The minimum capital required to enter the stock market in Turkey is $ 500,000. Until recently, this amount was two million US dollars but decreased with the increase of the exchange rate and the dollar by 500 thousand US dollars.

Now the question is how can we open this bank account in one of the authorized banks? We will answer this question below.

  1. Visit the official website of SPK (Stock Markets Board).
  2. See the current list of SPK licensed intermediaries and banks.
  3. Compare brokerage terms, transaction fees, commission rates, and other brokerage fees and deductions for each of the intermediaries and banks.
  4. Choose a broker who will provide you with the most suitable conditions possible

One thing to keep in mind is that your investment account will be activated when you visit a branch of the selected brokerage and read the existing agreement on the brokerage services framework and the risk information form for capital market transactions. Sign the acceptance form. You can place your orders on the investment platform of the mentioned brokerage and trading company in Istanbul Commodity Exchange when you deposit the required amount to your account. Now, the essential issue in this section is familiarity with the risk information form, which, contrary to some people’s beliefs, its preparation for membership in the Turkish Stock Exchange is not optional and is completely mandatory.

In this article and the previous one, we talked about the Turkish stock exchange and other topics. In the next article, we will talk about the benefits of using this market in textoken.io.

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