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Financial innovation is not always out of these two cases; Find a new way to create new securities or find A new way to get the most optimized solution… Creating securities means being able to document an object in the real world connect that can be traded separately from the physical object. (Ben Hant, phenomenon of Epsilon, 2018)


Tokens Security

Security tokens are legalized securities that are made available to investors through the provision of digital securities. These tokens give their holders the right to vote, share in the company’s profits, the right to participate in the company, and the right to repurchase shares. Security tokens usually represent the right of ownership, in other words, by having them, you can own shares of a company or a part of a property, etc, which they are registered in a smart contract and you can trade them in Crypto exchanges¬†


Tehran Stock Exchange

Before answering the question, what is the Tehran Stock Exchange? Or what is the stock exchange? We are dealing with the fact that securities are any type of paper or document that guarantees financial rights that can be offered to its owner. In other words, Tehran Stock Exchange is a type of financial instrument with transferability that can be of any type such as ordinary shares, preferred stock, pre-emptive rights, bonus shares, bonds, derivatives, options, and futures. In the capital market, these securities are divided into three general categories: debt securities, equity securities and derivatives. You should know that the admission and trading of securities on the Tehran Stock Exchange is done in three forms: stock cash market and tradable funds on the stock exchange, debt market and derivative market.


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