Year: 2021


What is sentimental analysis?

What is sentimental analysis? Sentimental analysis is a type of psychological analysis to measure the emotions of other traders, or rather, the majority of traders. If we want to mean sentiment in the word, it means emotions and feelings, so it is not unreasonable to expect that sentimental analysis means analyzing the emotions and feelings…


The difference between trading and investing

The difference between trading and investing Trading and investing represent two completely different perspectives on monetization, but some people still do not have a proper definition of the two terms. So what is the difference between trading and investing?


key skills of a trader

Key skills of a trader What are the key skills of a trader? According to research, successful traders have excellent analytical skills because they analyze and analyze a large amount of information during the day. In general, it can be said that a trader is constantly dealing with numbers, charts, indicators, different trading patterns, and…


trade and trading important keys

trade and trading important keys In this article, we will talk about trade and trading important keys, how to trade, who is a trader, and what points he should pay attention to. You can discuss the key points of a trader’s behavior and important points that he should consider for more profit. You can read…


Turkish Commodity Exchange

Familiarity with the risk notification form Familiarity with the risk information form is essential for all those who have shares in the Turkish stock market, and according to its name, it has been set up to inform about the risks related to business and possible losses in the Turkish stock market. In this article, we…


Turkish capital market structure

What does the stock market mean? The answer to this question is suitable for those who do not know much about the stock market but know that investing in the Turkish Stock Exchange is one of the easiest ways to obtain residency in this country. Regarding the definition of the stock market, we must say…


Investing in the Turkish Stock Exchange

Today, Turkey has become one of the best immigration destinations for Iranians. Investing in the Turkish stock exchange is one of the ways to obtain residency in this Asian-European country. There are special conditions for buying stock and stocks in Turkey, most of which are the same as the conditions for buying stocks in other…


World Bank forecast for the future of Iran’s economy

The latest World Bank report on the state of Iran’s economy shows that Iran’s economy will emerge from the two-year recession in the second half of 2021. In this article, we will talk about the World Bank and the future of Iran.


Forecast of Iran’s inflation situation in the coming months

An economist said that inflation expectations have already risen and predicted that inflation will continue to rise in the coming months.


What are fiscal policies?

Governments have long used many policies in the economy. The economy anywhere in the world is affected by shocks that cause significant changes in the supply and demand system. Policymakers can control and minimize the effect of shocks on macroeconomic variables by using a variety of policies, including fiscal. In oil-exporting countries such as Iran,…


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