Year: 2018


Economic crises

Economic crises, the corona epidemic, declining reserves, rising unemployment, and hundreds of other things have all come together to turn financial markets into volatile and high-risk markets that can only be operated with a great deal of experience and knowledge. TEX’s target market is a low-risk, high-diversity, and non-correlated market with other financial markets that act as an independent market and can hedge your investment portfolio risk. 

Bitcoin - Blockchain

Iran the land of investment

Iran is a fascinating country because, it’s a big country with 83 million people like Turkey but with the largest oil and gas reserves in the world, so much larger than Saudi Arabia, plus many other resources. It’s the biggest capitalist, its resources, its human capital, young and educated workforce that is currently earning less than workers in Vietnam that eventually will create a proper consumer market over there. the special thing about Iran is obviously that its been under sanctions for about 40 years, it has not been integrated with the global economy. It missed on everything good that happened in emerging markets like globalization, fallen interest rates, and with gradual opening, which began in 2016, the country is poised to catch up. 


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